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In order for us to meet the demands in blogosphere we have moved to http://iHateChurch.com :: Come on over, scream at us and let us know how FAST you can type

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Church is Boring

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Welcome to Church 2.0 where we continue to communicate the language of Jesus to our generation. Generation X, Generation Y and even the Baby Boomers are keen to run the race of modern communication. My prayer is for continued Jesus “influenceR” status among the youth.

Church can be boring but so can life. I like to say that if you identify a problem, chances are you are the one to fix it. .. If you cannot fix it… then do not talk about it. I believe we have many fixers of Jesus communication. Our focus on Jesus must be so prevalent nothing else matters. Change the Hatred for church into the Love for Jesus (period)

Take a look at this video by Leeland who by the way, is sending me a Large Tshirt because they are awesome

State of the Church Address:

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As I walk to church and put thoughts together, my eyes seem to glue toward sorrow. Broken fences, brown grass and cold wind only adds to the feelings crawling on my back. The world is sad, so sad and there are times when I just simply do not want to participate.

Does this mean I am supposed to change something? Does this mean I have to put up with these circumstances? What does this moment mean?

What is the state of the church? What is the state of generation Y, generation X and who knows what the next one is called… seems likely to be generation Z to me. Where are the knights in shining armor sent from heaven to adjust the focus of eyes and hearts to Jesus? When will we have an outbreak of real Jesus influenceRs? My heart is sad in what I see.

Raised in church and watching parents give their greatest lives to people only to see AVERAGE does not rest peacefully in my heart. I feel so weakened and distraught at times I want to cuss. And to be honest… I am not really the cussing type. Lord give me the strength and capacity to love. I simply ask for the elite and talent to magnetize toward Tinley Park, IL.

I have stated my prayer, not for my sake, for my glory or for status points. I typed this prayer because this planet needs a Jesus encounter and to see an influenceR. Men need to see men who love Jesus, Women must see other women serve Him with their best years. I would rather die than to see myself travel down AVERAGE road.

My call to Jesus is now official. I suggest to those who have heard to act quickly because the moment you hesitate is the moment someone else fills your space. Goodnight & Good Luck.

Real Men with Jesus Costumes

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What a great time to be living in. Men…it’s time to be men and time to influence about who/what Jesus is. Get with it playahs… time is short. Mark Driscoll is fly, relevant and a Jesus InfluenceR (period). We are living in days where we need some Jesus pillars in our world. Maybe its you?


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I have an incessant desire to change the course of my community. So… I ask you… the people. How would you change church?

Song of the Day

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Ask genY

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